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Truth Social: Truth or Dare?

President’s Day is not a particularly celebrated day in the United States, but is still a holdover from the past much like Daylight Savings. One particularly infamous former occupant of the POTUS throne has launched a new social media app on the one day of the year reserved for the nation’s leaders. This new icon on your phone is in direct response to Ex-president Donald Trump‘s ban from Twitter and Facebook.

Truth Social is being marketed as a new platform that will not censor user content and embraces free speech like the lovers in Pompeii. Reception so far has been surprisingly nonchalant and unenthusiastic. The primary reason for this flat opening is a series of technical issues that caused the developers to close access to the app altogether and place preregistered users on a waiting list six digits long.

Developed by Trump Media & Technology Group, Truth Social is built on Mastodon, a free Ian’s open-source social media platform. This means that anyone with working knowledge of Mastodon can raid the code all data within. This is clearly a security issue that can lead to identity theft and sensitive data to be mined.

Should you prepare to market your business on this new social media app once the bugs are worked out? We can not recommend it for the security issues alone. Ultimately, if you are considering using a new platform to market your business, do your homework on how secure it is, who is using the platform, and how successful have marketing campaigns been for other businesses.

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